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For Immediate Release - December 21, 2009

GoBiz Solutions, Inc. Releases Integrated Front Office Suite on Intuit App Center

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GoBiz Solutions, Inc.
15 Soldiers Place, Brighton MA 02135 (near Staples and the Boston Acura dealer)
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GoBiz Solutions, a leading developer of Web-based small business software, announced that it has entered into an agreement with Intuit Inc. to offer GoBiz XL, an integrated suite of Web-based applications that help manage front office operations for small businesses via the new Intuit App Center in QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2010. The GoBiz XL suite includes Contact Management, Sales Cycle Management, Service/Dispatch Management and Inventory Management applications and can be accessed through many devices with Web browsers. GoBiz XL is now integrated and synchronized with QuickBooks to provide a combined front and back office SMB solution..

GoBiz XL eliminates the need for multiple technologies and software programs, maintenance and upgrades. Implementation is easy and employees can start using GoBiz XL immediately. Information is only entered once, preventing redundant input, loss of information, and costly errors. GoBiz XL improves workflow across company functions and allows businesses to be securely managed from anywhere at anytime.

"Small businesses are getting hammered with the current economic crisis," said C. Bernard Fulp, GoBiz Solutions President and CEO. "Their costs are skyrocketing from product cost increases to basic fuel and electricity to run their business. They have little room to increase prices since their larger competitors have already got a price advantage over them. So the only way a small business can compete is to better serve their customers. The GoBiz XL price point, in combination with its accessibility, functionality, and simplicity, empowers the small business owner to carefully track their customers and keep in touch with them to continue to build on their loyalty."

The GoBiz XL service allows a small business owner to tap into the power of a full fledged Business Process Management (BPM) system at an affordable price and without the need for added infrastructure or any IT staff. In the small business community, BPM was once considered an optional tool but is now becoming a necessity to stay competitive and to hold on to their customers and suppliers who are increasingly moving to online only environments.


GoBiz XL is now available via the App Center in QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2010 as well as via the Intuit Workplace. To try the product and get pricing, visit http://workplace.intuit.com.

About GoBiz Solutions, Inc.

GoBiz Solutions, Inc. founded in 2002, offers small businesses an easy to use, affordable suite of online business services that are designed to maximize efficiency and profitability. GoBiz XL, which now includes integrated Sales, Inventory, Service and Contact Management components, streamlines operations and optimizes communications, allowing small businesses to focus on their core product or service.

GoBiz Solutions is located at 15 Soldiers Place in Brighton Massachusetts. For more information about GoBiz Solutions, visit the company’s website at www.gobizsolutions.com

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"GoBiz XL gives us a macro view of all franchise operations in terms of sales, as well as a micro view of all individual sales to best determine our product leaders. "
Daniel Cousineau
Chief Executive
Papa John's Pizza UK

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