The Ten Top Reasons Why You Should GoBiz XL
  1. On demand integrated front-office solution for small business so your business can be securely managed from anywhere at anytime.
  2. A powerful business application that can run your entire business operation from the ground floor up and from wall to wall. Empowers your business with greater discipline, communication and accessibility.
  3. Workflow between Sales, Inventory and Service is integrated, as well as all users in any department. Put all three functions to work for you or select which work best for you.  Click on, click off. Or talk to our GoBiz Support Team to determine how best to GoBiz your business.
  4. Management has a 24/24 360-degree view of business and can also see, at-a-glance, easy-to-understand concise views of business activities and performance.
  5. Information is entered only once, preventing redundant input, loss of information, and costly errors. 
  6. Access to information is role-based, and employees see information that is relevant only to their responsibilities
  7. GoBiz XL is affordable and priced for small business, optimizing greater efficiencies throughout your business.
  8. Easy to implement and simple to use, start your next project with GoBiz XL. Click-through menus make it easy to learn, access information, and generate more business.
  9. Your business will function responsibly and function for success. No more losing leads, files, quotes, and better yet, business!
  10.  Maximize efficiency, accessibility and profitability for your small business.

    Now, take control and see how GoBiz Solutions makes world-class fit small business.

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