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“I once had a drawer full of paper slips with names scribbled on them,” explains John Boulanger, Sales Manager of Ferrari Pools, one of New England’s largest pool companies. “Leads would fall through the proverbial cracks. GoBiz has changed the way we do business.  Our sales operation has improved because the leads, the follow-up and the closes are all closely monitored.

"GoBiz has made the sales process simple," Boulanger states.  "A lead gets entered into our system and assigned to a sales person, who then generates a quote.  When the customer approves the sale, it becomes part of our inventory and scheduling process.  I can tell you which trade shows, magazines, and newspapers pull better for us.  I know which sales people are meeting their goals. We communicate with our prospective and current customers on a timely basis; and in turn, they provide more referrals. Working with GoBiz, we have increased our sales, and are informed about all aspects of our business.”
John Boulanger
Ferrari Pools and Spas
Marlboro, MA

 “We’re growing fast and needed a better way to manage our day-to-day business. GoBiz XL was the best solution that could help us streamline our dispatch process and save money.It makes our Geeks [computer technicians] more efficient through better scheduling and insight into customer records.  After each service call, they can enter their results right into the customer record, eliminating errors and keeping everyone up-to-date.”
Dave Ehlke
Geek Housecalls
Burlington, MA

 "GoBiz XL gives us a macro view of all franchise operations in terms of sales, as well as a micro view of all individual sales to best determine our product leaders. Not only can we best order and prepare next-day supplies, but we can figure how to develop new product for future sales."
Daniel Cousineau
Chief Executive
Managing Director
Papa John's Pizza

 "My public relations business is cost efficient, profitable and fun with GoBiz XL. We can better manage cost projections based on previous experience, instantly view all hours spent on projects at any point and more effectively manage project changes. It's a communications tool that we'll soon offer to our clients as part of our own project management."
Colette Phillips
President & CEO
Colette Phillips Global Communications, Inc.
Boston, MA

"So much easier to manage my entrepreneurship students. I'd use GoBiz Solutions over Blackboard or any of the other education products. With GoBiz we can share information throughout the class without worrying about what the next assignment involves. Plus, I recommend it to other non-profit organizations. GoBiz XL is a perfect match for churches, youth education, financial literacy, and scores of other applications that serve the small enterprise perfectly."
Anna Sabasteanski
President & CEO
The Asset Management Network Inc
Cambridge, MA

"Now service and dispatch are streamlined, organized, and manageable. The service technician is prepared and able to handle a customer’s problem immediately. It's a win-win situation, giving us the competitive edge."
Service Manager
Ferrari Pools and Spas
Marlboro, MA


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"We're growing fast and needed a better way to manage our day-to-day business. GoBiz is the best solution that can help us streamline our dispatch process and save money."
Dave Ehlke
Geek Housecalls

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