GoBiz gives you the power to securely manage your business anywhere there’s Internet access.

Is this business as usual?

Is it a wait-and-see situation for information? Is your sales pipeline clogged with lost opportunities and late estimates? Is your inventory a guessing game? Have you overbooked your service techs yet again? Is your company leaking profits through operations?

There’s a better way to run your business.

Get set with GoBiz XL. GoBiz XL is the empowering Web-based solution you need to drive greater sales revenues, improve service quality and customer satisfaction and meet customer demand with precise inventory control and management.

Optimize productivity, communications and profitability.

GoBiz XL’s suite of powerful on demand and online applications smooths the way for small businesses to manage and gain value from all aspects of their operations. No other on-demand small business solution does that more affordably, simply and profitably for you. This integrated front office solution now incorporates Sales, Service, Inventory and Contact Management.

Understand what drives prospective customers to your company and how to capture their business.

GoBiz XL Sales manages the entire selling process, including lead tracking and analysis, sales assignments, estimating and quoting, sales activity and history. The sales manager has instant access and a 360-degree view of the sales process at any point in time, while the sales personnel – internal, on the road, or at off-site locations – can review and update information quickly to obtain the sale and best serve the customer’s needs.

Optimize asset management by purchasing or manufacturing inventory, as you need it.

GoBiz XL Inventory helps small businesses maintain tighter control of warehoused items and stock level by tracking orders, their accuracy and access to what a customer needs on a timely basis. Inventory information can be accessed remotely to ensure that customer discussions and reports are timely and to maintain the status and accuracy of the inventory.

Get your service people to the right place at the right time.

GoBiz XL Service allows companies to better manage their service and mobile workforce. It simplifies and streamlines the labor-intensive and complex service operation. GoBiz XL Service specifies the most appropriate service person according to skill, geography, availability and customer preference. To maintain efficiency and reliability, customer information can be shared with service technicians, sales and accounting personnel.

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"My public relations business is cost efficient, profitable and fun with GoBiz."
Colette Phillips
Colette Phillips Global Communications, Inc.

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