GoBiz XL Inventory

Turn a customer's "maybe" into a "yes" when you can confirm immediate delivery of your product. It's easy with GoBiz XL Inventory. Whether you have one or many locations, sites, or trucks, GoBiz Inventory XL maintains accurate inventory information and absolute inventory control. Turn your assets into cash faster, better protect your margins, and see your return on investment increase when you manage your inventory more efficiently.

See great results when you:
  • Manage your inventory more efficiently.
  • Track inventory accurately in warehouse, at sites, in multi locations, and trucks.
  • Know where inventory is at all times.
  • Virtually monitor inventory needed for upcoming projects and order as necessary to maintain stock comfort levels.
  • Sell product and it's instantaneously and seamlessly tracked and subtracted in inventory.
  • Inventory Dashboard provides complete visibility of orders to vendors and suppliers at-a-glance.
  • Track vendors' pricing and lead time for parts.
  • Inventory is appropriately taxed when sold.
  • Smart reports allow you to become proactive in response to market conditions and customer needs. These include Inventory Issues Detail, Inventory Issues Summary, Inventory Valuation and Transaction Log.
  • Better manage your assets, protect your margins, and increase your return on investment.

Download GoBiz XL Inventory Data Sheet

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