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  Broadband TV a World of Choice
Broadband TV a World of Choice
by Roger Overanout
Broadband television is a means of providing TV programs via the Internet. It is possible to view live terrestrial television channels, but it is more practical to us it to see programs that have already been transmitted, so avoiding the need to set your video recorder. To get Broadband T V you need a broadband connection and a computer or special set-top box.

Broadband Television is being hailed as the biggest change in the way we watch television since it was first invented. Over the coming years broadband television is expected to completely change home entertainment, it will allow viewers a vast choice from all over the world not just the programs they watch but how they watch them.

Broadband television has only become practical because of the huge growth of high-speed Internet connections. More than 50% of all connections to the Web now make use of broadband. Today's standard bandwidth of 2 MB would give an adequate service, but television industry experts say 8 to 10 MB is the minimum needed for a full broadband TV service.

There are two main types of service that are being developed, standard television channels that will replace the traditional services we have today, and video on demand, where views can choose programs from the service providers archives. Perhaps this will cut down on the level of repeats that are shown at present.

Apart from the need for greater bandwidth, the greatest stumbling block for broadband TV is thought to be the big film companies, the big studios seem to be reluctant to provide films and shows because they have concerns that it may affect revenues from DVD and foreign sales.

The major benefits of Broadband TV will be a much greater choice of programs, the possibility of more interactive services, potentially viewers will be able to direct their own programs choosing the camera angles etc that they want, and it will also enable people to make and transmit their own programs so opening up the possibility of local community television.

Roger Overanout

For more tips and information about all aspects of Broadband please visit www.broadbandcenter.info

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