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  A Solution Is Offered For Devastating Health Concerns
A Solution Is Offered For Devastating Health Concerns
by Michael Waddell

(PRWEB) June 26, 2005 -- There are 25 million septic systems in the U.S. serving more than 70 million people, according to West Virginia University. With one third of all new housing developments in the United States depending on septic systems for sewage disposal, the need for an ecological system that does not pollute the soil is needed. The Island Purifier septic system offers an ecological alternative to the old style ground polluting leach-field septic systems, which placed limitations on where and how new housing developments may be built,

The Island Purifier septic system puts nothing into the ground and takes absolutely nothing from the ground. No drain field is required, or used. It is in total compliance with all existing and pending legislation pertaining to septic systems. The purifier was granted approval by ARPE, the Health Department, EPA, HUD, and EQB (Puerto Rican Water Quality Board), in March of 2005. The Island Purifier is patented with additional applications yet pending and its design accommodates all types and sizes of structures. Where first introduced, in Puerto Rico, developers are already incorporating this new system into their long-range development plans.

Dr. Steven Freeman, M.D. of Toledo, Ohio will direct the Island Purifier Division of Sentex Worldwide, Inc., from his newly accepted position as Division President. The Island Purifier offers an immediate and affordable solution for potentially serious health conditions that can result from septic contamination. Dr. Freeman also announced that the Island Purifier Division is seeking joint venture partners; companies who are established within supporting industries and wish to participate in the rapid roll out of this revolutionary septic system. Additional information about the Island Purifier may be found at www.islandpurifier.com.

Michael J. Waddell, VP Business Development
Sentex Worldwide, Inc.
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