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  What Is VoIP Security?
What Is VoIP Security?
by Laura Rupert

Security is an obvious concern when it comes to any sort of technology, but even more so with any technology that is run through the Internet. Because VoIP runs through the Internet any information can be intercepted by anyone at any time. Because many things go through phone line, private information can wind up in the hands of the wrong person. Obviously, nothing is a one hundred percent guarantee because as fast as technology is made to keep information from getting in the wrong hands, the wrong hands are working to figure out how to break through those systems. Luckily, VoIP security is becoming more and more well rounded all the time and soon itll be so well done that even the best of the best wont be back to get their hands on personal information.

One of the ways that most VoIP providers secure their customers personal information is through the tunneling and encryption process. These techniques keep hackers and those will ill intent from capturing information packets as they pass through the internet. Most VoIP providers use Layer 2 tunneling and an encryption method called Secure Sockets Layer or SSL to keep anyone from getting into the information they shouldnt have. The security of VoIP will undoubtedly change and become more sophisticated as technology allows and consumers demand more security and more privacy. For some time to come VoIP security will remain a huge concern, just because its widely known that all information that passes over the internet could potentially fall into the hands of someone with ill intent.

Dont let VoIP security issues keep you from getting VoIP services. The benefits of VoIP far outweigh the security risks. The bottom line is that you are more at risk every time you get online sending emails and paying bills than you will be every time you use your VoIP services. So, the features and convenience are well worth the small security risk associated with the internet access associated with it!

Laura Rupert is a freelance writer who contributes to The Tech FAQ

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