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  Custom Builders Announce Home Elevators as the Next Appliance
Custom Builders Announce Home Elevators as the Next Appliance
by Bob Harvey

Custom home builders are looking for a way to differentiate themselves in the market place.

Home elevators are being offered in many new home developments as method to attract new home buyers.

The home elevator is also allowing custom home builders to reduce lot size in some projects.

In areas where the lot size is forcing builders to offer a three or four story townhome, a home elevator is allowing the buyer to feel more confident in dealing with the stair issue.

Space requirements for the elevator shaft are being taken into consideration in the home designs.

Stacking closets on all floors permits a home elevator to be accommodated in the future.

As more and more of the baby boomer market reaches retirement years, there has been a stronger demand for their their last home purchase to be able to fit their long term needs. The solution to this trend is for residential elevators to be included in the original home design.

Expect to see more home builders following the growing trend to offer residential elevators as an option to their customers.

The elevator option is also adding to the bottom line of the home builder. Not only is the builder making profit on the elevator upsell but also on the possible reduction in lot size resulting in a higher home density per acre.

Bob Harvey is the founder of SILVER CROSS. The mandate of SILVER CROSS is to offer the market place a lower cost alternative for home accessibility equipment through an international network of pre-screened dealers. National Accessibility & Elevator Referral Service - N.A.E.R.S.
National Accessibility & Elevator Referral Service helps you find a accessibility product or elevator company in your area.

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