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  Asbestos Roof Tile: Steps To Avoid Health Hazards
Asbestos Roof Tile: Steps To Avoid Health Hazards
by Kirsten Hawkins


Asbestos rooftile is basically an Asbstos contaminated roofing material. It is made up of natural minerals that are fiberous in nature.Fiberous quality of Asbestos was considered useful in various building materials. For example--Pipe insulation,floortile, and fireproofing. Other roofing products such as shingles,tars,pitch and roof tiles were also prepared with the help of asbestos.

Dangers of Asbestos Roof Tile:

Asbestos roof tile are hazardous for health because asbestos particles released from the tiles could cause respiratory health hazards.These health hazards occur when respirable fibres are released into the air and then inhaled in your body. Materials that contains Asbestos are divided into two categories-- Friable (able to be reduced to a powder by hand pressure) and non-friable . Usage of Non-Friable asbestos containing materials is not that harmful because , they do not release dangerous asbetos fiber into the air. This class of materials does not relase fibers unless you impact them mechanically with the help of tools, drills and saws.

Protection Steps:

Five steps of protection are helpful to prevent asbestos fiber release during removal of asbestos roof tile. At the first step, roofing materials must be mixed with non-friable materials (tar, pitch, asphalt). This mixing hardens the asbestos fibers, prevents their release, and avoids inhalation. The second step includes the safe methods of removal wherein only hand made tools like shovels and hammers are used to strip the roofing material from the building. Third step recommends that asbestos should be made wet before disturbing it. Fourth step of protection covers how the materials are handled during and after removal. Fifth step says that workers removing the roofing materials should be trained and certified in accordance with an EPA recognized training program.

Regulations for Asbestos Roof tile Removal:

According to OSHA regulations all persons working with asbestos containing materials should wear respiratory and other personal protection equipment during the removal process. There are diffrent state and even federal regulations that regulate the removal of asbetsos roof tiles and other asbestops containing materials.

Kirsten Hawkins is a asbestos and mesothelioma specialist from Nashville, TN. Visit http://www.asbestosblog.org/ for information on asbestos reform, mesothelioma lawsuit news, and more.

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